Why should you use 3D printing for your rapid prototyping process?

As additive manufacturing is now more and more used for production, prototyping stays one of the most common uses of this cutting-edge technology. But everything happens for a reason: 3D printing is an affordable technique to create functional prototypes in no time and with a lot of freedom.

Make as many iterations as you need

Create one part, make your modifications on your 3D model using your 3D modeling software, and then, print a new version. The process is really simple, and 3D programs really help you do simulation, analysis and interesting visualizations when developing your project.

Experience freedom of design

3D Printing gives you access to geometries that were impossible with other manufacturing technologies (interlocking parts, complex assembly). Sculpteo Rapid Prototyping 3D printing service is fast, reliable and efficient, to help you give life to your ideas.

Save time!

3D Printing is the shortest way between your ideas, your 3D file and getting your prototype in your hands.

Make it fast and at an affordable price with Sculpteo Rapid Prototyping Service. Are you ready to speed your prototype process and save weeks on your product development schedule?

Create functional prototypes

Thanks to the great 3D printing materials offered by this technology and its reliability, 3D Printing materials such as polyamide, resin and metal suit well for your prototyping test of mechanical and functional parts. Tearing, assembly or stress tests become easy to implement and affordable.