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Improve your efficiency and speed up your innovation by using our 3D printing service.
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Benefit from the expertise of 3D printing possibilities and start manufacturing any piece you can either
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Create your 3D design in any CAD software you want.
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If you lack engineering design for any piece, we can scan it and reproduce in minimum time
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Please contact us to info@3dmagic.gr
or fill the form bellow.

Choose the best material for the application

3D printing offers hundreds of material options to realize your project, but which will be the best one for your application and production scale? Our Design for Additive Manufacturing experts understand the benefits and drawbacks of each material and help you apply the right material according to your application’s constraints.

We offer you Professional solutions in scanning, printing and designing

  • Want to print parts in 3D but have a 2D design?
  • Want to replace an old spare part and you don’t  have drawing ?
  • Want to save time in manufacturing?
  • Want to minimize weight of your parts?

Υou just have found the solution !!!!!

Solutions for:

  • Molds,
  • Industrial parts
  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Architecture
  • 3D Printings according to your needs
  • 3D Scanning of  copying  your  damaged parts
  • 3D Designing of your idea

How we work


  • High quality filaments
         Hardness up to 1Gpa
  • Durable Resins
         Hardness up to 1.5 Gpa
  • Metals
         Hardness up to 3Gpa

About us:

3d magic is an engineering company using the 3d printing technology, focusing on supporting our clients to obtain the items/spare parts they need a.s.a.p.

A team of expert engineers can solve much more problems than you can imagine

Bring us your concept, plan, damaged spare part or just an new idea. You will see all of them being materialized in the best way


Office:  Polytehniou 45 Thessaloniki
                Blvd Bucurestilor 91a, Otopeni

Factory:   Kilkis Industrial Area

Make the most of Design for Additive Manufacturing

3D printing opens a world of new possibilities when it comes to design and manufacturing. Discover how complex geometries (such as lattices), integrated assembly, and integrated closures can reduce weight, assembly time, waste, and cost.

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